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Tonight I had an opportunity to suffer well and I was terrified. My Owner takes care of me, he saw my fear and began to stroke my hair and calm me down, although I don’t think I ever stopped trembling. All I could think about in the moment was where the prod would land next and wonder how many more times people would choose to shock me. If I were a good girl, I would have bravely held still and presented. I should behave without question infront of my Superiors. Learning I have no choice in the matter certianly puts me down in the correct headspace…I truly want to please and it irks me when I let fear crawl through me…it makes me remember that my life is about being obedient and makes me want to ask for the prod all over again. I was very lucky to get to feel the vibrator, thank you for letting me experience that. This toy’s legs couldnt stop trembling, expecially after I exploded into a wet mess. My clit gets so tender, it’s nearly torture to be pushed into multiple orgasms. My orgasms absolutely turned to torture this time as I soaked myself so much my body was dripping wet the next time the prod was pressed into me. Being shocked like that when I am all wet in my own juices is so erotic, humiliating, and just excruciating.

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