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Today I knew we were going to spend time with the inflatable working on my ass. We bought a new glass plug and it’s overwhelming to try to get inside me, so we are working up to it. I am put up on display with my nose in the corner, up on my little shelf, on my toes on the platform in the shower. My Master is watching me, washing himself. I am dripping but not from the water. Legs spread I balance in the corner, listening to his breathing, focusing on my own. His hands touch me, push into me. I can’t help but gasp. He always gets the sounds he likes from me. He talks with me, plays with me. I feel like his little object now. I am his little object. On my toes, on my shelf in the shower. I am not allowed to take my face out of the corner in this position, i don’t see him pick up the inflateable. i can feel something big against me and can’t quite place what it is. Pressure. Anticipation. His hand is in me again, stretching my ass and preparing to tease me with this new thing.
Sudddenly it’s inside me… Deep, hard, expanding pressure as he pumps me full. I can’t move away from it, my body swallows and expands at his mercy and he shows none. In and out, I am stretched and pumped again and again. Worked into a squirmy frenzy I am grasping at the walls to stay in my corner, i can’t stop contracting on the toy continuing to expand inside me. All I can think about is the new glass plug we are working up to, about how I am not allowed to leave the house until I can wear it. Because I am not a free girl. I am his girl. I want to cum just from the thrusting in my ass, I am begging and pleading for permission. He teases me for what seems like an eternity before giving me permission. The explosion of pleasure practically overwhelms my sense. He reaches around and massages me clit while continue to inflate and fuck me with the now very large dildo. My legs quiver and almost buckle after the third orgasm. He held me firmly against the wall and spoke softly to me as he let the air out of the dildo and deflated back to its original size.
I love my showers!

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