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Tonight our submissive friend Sasha came over so Master let me sleep in his room in my cage. I was a spoiled thing with my dog bed and even a small pillow. I was tired and fell asleep quickly behind the bars, this time the lights didn’t bother me. I really like the shadows from the bars. I like knowing I am being watched at bed time. I feel like my cage is where I belong. I am comfortable and happy to wait for someone to utilize me. I want to be a good girl. I had a nice surprise when Sasha came to check on me and pet me all over. She is so beautiful it makes me so excited, expecially presented as a caged objectified thing. I would like to be a good girl for her. I was so wound up after being checked on I was wide awake! Luckily I managed to settle back down and ended up sleeping very well. Master let Sasha sleep restarined and hooded in my bondage bed, I love thinking about her like that… Maybe one day my cage will be in the room with her and we will be restrained together.

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