Stocked in the Dirt m - Stocked In The Dirt - Lonna Manson - Bondagelife

Helpless stocked prisoner Lonna Manson is forced face down in the dirt despite all her silly protests. Her ankles are securely cuffed and chained so that her knees are uncomfortably bent, leaving her bare feet floating exposed and just waiting for attention… And because that’s just not enough we let her watch as we drive a stake deep into the ground just so we can leash her to it with a heavy chain. Poor Lonna won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! Standing isn’t even an option for our dirty animal, she can’t even reach the water bowl we left out for her and it becomes a torment of it’s own as she gets thirstier and more desperate by the minute. She has no idea how many hours she will be left in the dirt and there is no escape in sight. One thing she knows for sure….the burning sun is creeping closer every minute!

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Stocked in the Dirt.t m - Stocked In The Dirt - Lonna Manson - Bondagelife


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