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It was a hot, muggy day. Very early that morning the prisoner was taken from her overnight storage cell and marched out to the back of the property. A deep hole had been dug and a pole set in cement deep in the ground. She was made to stand in the hole as the dirt was filled in around her. Soon she was buried up to her hips and unable to move from the waist down. He spread her arms our to each side and strapped them securely to the cross bar. Extra straps were criss-crossed over her shoulders and chest pinning her in place. Her bondage complete, she was reduce to a scarecrow mounted out in the yard and left for the bugs to feast on. A few hours later he returned to clamp her nipples. Thin cord running from each nipple down to stakes planted firmly in the ground were pulled tied and tensioned to make any movement even more painful. He left her alone once again as the burning in her tender breasts increasing with each passing minute. But what really worried her was that she could see the shadows creeping towards her. The burning sun getting closer to her exposed flesh as the day wore on…

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