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Phoebe’s father just went to an emergency KKK meeting to discuss how he’s gonna deal with a black man who he recently got into a physical altercation with after a fender bender. “These Blacks are gettin outta hand and need to be dealt with,. especially with our new President in charge!” So he left Phoebe, or as he calls her, his little Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Princess, all alone. What he doesn’t know…is that the Angry black man, pissed at the racist attitude he got from Phoebe’s dad, found out where Phoebe’s dad lived, and is breaking into his house to tear it up! As the black man is creeping through the house, he hears a voice: “What are you doing here? My daddy says __ aren’t allowed in my house.” That voice belongs to Phoebe, who’s dressed up in her favorite confederate flag t shirt! Phoebe’s always heard from her dad about how blacks are animals who do bad things to little white girls…but her daddy never told her what those bad things were. Well, after being called the N Word, the Angry black intruder turns into AN ! He is about to show poor little Phoebe Exactly why her daddy doesn’t want her talking to black boys! The masked negro punishes Phoebe with his Big Black __ Dick, forcing it down her throat, face fucking her tiny white throat mercilessly, and Slapping Her when she can’t take it! She’s gonna become a __ Lover whether she likes it or not! And another thing she’s gonna do whether she likes it or not? Eat Black Ass! The masked black man Forces Phoebe to lick and clean his Black Asshole, making the precious white girl put her innocent tongue in places her Racist Father Never wanted it to be! He would have a heart attack if he knew she was Kissing a __! Imagine how he would feel knowing she was Kissing and Tonguing a Black Asshole!!! The masked man sits on her face, suffocating her in his black ass over and over again, slowly making the innocent white girl into His Slave!
After the black has had his way with Phoebe, he forces her to make him shoot black seed all over Phoebe’s face, covering her in __ Jizz! Much to her father’s horror, Phoebe has been Forcibly introduced to Big Black Dick! And….her father would if he heard this…but Phoebe kind of liked it! From now on, Phoebe has a new Black Daddy, one who’s Bigger and Better than her pathetic biological white father!

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