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She says it is time to start my therapy.
I see her pull the black latex gloves on and this thing stats to panic expecting the tiger balm, but she has something else today. Something small, cold, and solid is pressed into my now dripping wet pussy. I blush as it slips easily inside. I can feel the wire running back out of me and I know she is going to electrify my helpless slave cunt. I am so afraid of the electricity, the EKG gives me away getting faster by the moment. She talks to me, tells me she will take care of me…that this is what this thing needs. I am at her mercy as she continues to lock the cruel conductor inside of me with a heavy steel pussy clamp, locking my labia tightly and framing my now pretty huge, tender, swelling clit.
She is holding the vibe and instructing me not to move while she touches it to me between the cold walls of the clamp that is spreading my labia while simultaneously locking the painful electrode in my pussy. Pain is abruptly flooded by pleasure and as she presses the vibrator into me I am whimpering and moaning in delight. It is excruciating not to move while so much sensation is just pouring through my body. I can’t help it, I twitch and the vibe pinches me HARD! involuntarily I pull away and instead only manage to pinch myself 3 or 4 more times inadvertently bouncing the vibe between my skin and the solid steel pussy clamp which results in fantastic yelps, highlighting that this thing is truly an object at Elise’s mercy. This repeats a few times, I think she likes watching me suffer as she pleasures me. Secretly I like to suffer for her too. I contract uncontrollably as I beg her to cum, again and again until I push half the metal electrode out of me and I can feel it shocking my lips as it fires to any and every sound from me directly or via the EKG. She tells me to fuck myself with the electric pussy plug as she gives me premission to cum. I can feel my body pushing it out and pulling it back, it’s shocking me again and again to the point I am afraid to move. I am afraid of the punishment for contracting her tools out, and afraid of how it will feel on my exposed, private flesh if and when I do finally expel it infront of her. Finally I cannot stop it any longer and with Elise’s premission the metal electrode leaves my body as I explode from deep within, squirting a wet mess across my bedsheets.
I am quivering. Nearly crying. Smiling. Suffering. I love this place. I was built for these moments. My brain is steady now, still. Elise is the only thing I see.
This thing absolutely thrives on it’s therapy.

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