Stored Thing m - Stored Thing - Rylee Kane - Bondagelife 04.22.17

Rylee told us she wanted to explore storage bondage. It’s entirely different than strict bondage. When you tie a girl in strict bondage, its often challenging to remain in this position for an hour. Storage bondage is designed to keep the captive securely locked away for many hours. The intensity is not the same as strict bondage, but when done properly is just as inescapable. The heavy steel collar and chain kept her secured in her spot. The shackles on her ankles were constant reminders of her new status. The thick canvas straight jacket did it jobs quite effectively. She did not expect for it to be so hot inside the jacket. Rylee thought she would sit there comfortably and enjoy her helpless plight. But the jacket quickly heated up on the inside, but offered no possibility of escape. She was experiencing true storage bondage. No escape. No mercy.

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