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Rubber is a new experience for this thing and I am hooked for sure! Elise Graves and my friends from decided to use me as a kinky bath toy and encased me in a form fitting rubber sleep sack. My arms fit into tight pockets on either side of the interior while my feet and body were pressed inward, zipped and sealed securely into the skin tight material. I can smell it all around me. Feel the coolness against my flesh as the warmth from my body spreads into the rubber cocoon. I have never been in the water like this before. Elise starts to tease me in front of everyone. Telling me I am her little alien and she is sending me to my home world. I can feel her hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples through the shiny black rubber. It’s nothing for her to be able to tell they are rock hard in her hands. She’s using the vibrator on me, it feels amazing in the water! I love her hands on me! Suddenly I am flipped over and hogtied in rubber, struggling to keep my head above water I am at her mercy. My position is changed again and I am hooded in my rubber prison as Elise leaves the bathtub filling higher and higher…

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