Sleepover   Sasha Darling m - Sleepover - Sasha Darling - Bondagelife 01.16.2017

Greyhound was effectively stowed away in her cell for the night when Sasha arrived. She came in for an extended weekend of imprisonment and captivity. The bondage bed was the obvious choice to keep her safe and secure while she rested. The leather strapped mittens were placed over each hand and wrapped around her waist before being buckled in the front. This one going to be a very restless girl tonight. This was the most restrained she had ever been for such an extended period of time. Once the med cuffs locked her ankles to the corners of the bed and her hood was laced down tightly, Sasha was ready for her first overnight storage bondage.

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Sleepover   Sasha Darling.t m - Sleepover - Sasha Darling - Bondagelife 01.16.2017


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