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This is the first time I’ve ever done this!! <3 I wasn’t expecting to go so far, it was kinda improv but I guess I was finally ready after being turned on my scat for sooo long, I just took a long hard look at all that appetizing looking shit and couldn’t help myself! I love how it tastes <3 Bitter yet not overpowering, pungent. What a rush!! I can’t wait to do more 🙂 Delicious!
Anyway, I pose and open my desperate ass at you like the tease I am, I’m trying to keep from just shitting outright cuz I’ve been holding it in for hours. I tell you I can feel my hard shit as I finger my wet pussy, and it feels so good. I drop a thick load to the floor, show you closeups, then pick up and rub a nugget between my fingers, I love it! I grin sinfully, lick my turd and take it into my mouth, sucking on my shit for the very first time.I’m telling you, love at first suck <3 I smear my saliva drenched turd onto my thighs and belly, telling you how it feels, and just giddy with excitement, cuz it’s my first time smearing, too! <3 Video is half face (nose and below) but you get to see my mouth work it 😉

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LoveRachelle2   Shit Sucking Smearing Virgin.t m - Shit Sucking & Smearing Virgin! - LoveRachelle2, scat, scatshop


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