Piggy in the yard 02.13.17 Live Cam m - Piggy in the yard 02.13.17 - Rachel Greyhound - Bondagelife

oh! It’s making me wet in more ways than one as my abs contract and tighten against the invasive flow. Moaning, my body starts to cramp on me. Waves of sensation wash over me, through me. Fuck!
I am exploding internally, the taunt belt is making it so much worse and I can do nothing to relieve myself bound helplessly on all fours while fluid continues to rush into me. My Owner only fills me a little, but it feels excruciating as my plug is firmly pushed back into it’s place, trapping the liquid inside me as I am commanded to begin my laps again. Whimpering, struggling in pain, I resume my awkward pace, starining in the darkness to walk my body as my Owner wishes.
I need to expel so badly! I am completely humiliated, i have no idea who is watching me. I don’t want to let go but the building pressure is growing quickly, I am not sure how long I can hold it in. More sounds escape me, I want to curl up on myself, hide somewhere i can expel in private. I have no choice, I am not given one. I can’t resist the pressure any longer and this thing’s owner allows me to push my plug out for sweet, sweet relief. I am so embarassed as I explode with my own mess, the pressure is too much inside me and as i have to work to release all i can think about is being on display like this for everyone.
Everything exposed, no secrets, no inhibitions. Just me, this little piggy, your suffering bondage toy.

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