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Today I had the privilage of standing on display with my block. My Owner likes watching me struggle to hold it in my spot, for me it feels as if it only gets heavier and heavier. My Owner made my block for me and I am a lucky thing to get to be attached to it. I had no idea I was about to be inverted, clamped, shocked and then lucky enough to feel the vibrator on my ever so sensitive clit. I came incredibly hard positioned like that and I felt so vulnerable, expecially towards the electricity. I dislike the prod so much, but crave its quick, unrelenting corrections. This thing needs lots of corrections right now. I’ve hardly ever been shocked suspended completely upside down, we’ve just recently aquired the capability to quickly suspend me as such. Apparently I am much more mentally terrified of the prod when dangling inverted with my clit and feet so helplessly exposed above me. I love the fact that my Owner can lock my ankles into the suspension cuffs and effortlessly invert me, regardless of silly protests. Let the girl just dangle like the object she is when she needs an additude adjustment. I will learn to be more obedient with my hands, I should never try to block my Owner when he is enjoying my body any way he deems fit. My hands are most obedient when they are taken away from me. I do best in my place as an object to serve and please. I crave being kept like a toy constantly used for my Owner’s pleasure. Stored away tightly to wait and wait until there is use for it again. I savor little pleasures – a dark hood, new shiny chains, a filled dish, soft blankets, warm hands. It was a pleasure to be hung inverted and displayed, thank you for allowing this thing to suffer. The electricity from the shocks on my feet, thighs, ass and around my pussy was so painful it made me look forward to being flogged. As soon as I heard that was happening I lit up inside. Mostly because it meant no more prod for at least a little while, but also because the smacking thud of the flogger all over me is one of my favorite sensations. I think you could flog me into a screaming crying mess and there would still be tears of happiness mixed in. The flogger is still sacry though, because anotomically I am situated so I am quite vulnerable to it directly across my clit if you land the swing just right. My Owner has had lots of practice and is Master of landing strokes! I think about being commanded to hold an exposing pose and feeling my Owner press a large heavy plug into me, commanding me to present my ass to him while being flogged all over. Restrained harshly and punished harder if I move or am at all uncooperative while being flogged. If I am lucky, he will tell me to keep my face to the floor and take his time taking his pleasure from his marked presented slut. If I am not such a lucky thing, or perhaps when he is done with me, I will be tethered by my septum ring in my room. It is humbling to be tethered like that, I have to move carefully and absolutely cannot free myself. Sometimes my Owner even hangs my keys off of my ring so they dangle right in my face, but I still can’t even reach them much less even think about unlocking myself! I am getting carried away…girl should be locked away in chastity for sure! I think this little thing is ready for her storage…

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