Ongoing Obedience 02.01.17 Live Cam m - Ongoing Obedience 02.01.17 Live Cam - Rachel Greyhound


Blackness. Suddenly warm fabric is on my face, sleek, smooth, leather encasing my head. Transforming this thing into an aimlessly staring object. My Owner says that I can relax now….OH! how badly this thing wants to! I am torn between this thing’s desire to lay down and my fear that I will be left like this…especially if this thing appears too comfortable! It is beginning to catch up to me how tired I am, perhaps I will fall asleep like this regardless. I want to be such a good thing. I am beginning to get lost in my hood. This is where this thing belongs.
I am a lucky little pet tonight, this thing’s Owner decides to take it into his room but declines to release it from it’s current bondage. It is the first time I have slept in this straight jacket, hood and these heels.
“shhhh quiet little one. I will take care of you.”
My Owner pets my hooded head and leads me to the floor in his room. I get so anxious…his hands and the bondage settle me. Tonight I will get to be close to him, but only because he is allowing me to adjust to my new restraint configuration. Once it has been determined there are no adjustments needed this thing will be confined again in her room to be monitored via cam when not in active use. It is so happy to be near it’s owner tonight and looks forward to everyone assisting with it’s training in the future!

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