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It’s quite a feeling to be spread wide locked to the floor while everyone is watching, completely unable to close this thing’s legs or even to move it’s feet very much. This plaything is so exposed and presented like this, a perfect little target. The chain anchoring my neck is short and I can hardly look back to see what is about to happen, I’m not even sure I can see my feet if I try. Defenseless and presented my heart is pounding as my breath comes quicker. My thoughts are on pleasing my Owner, on suffering well. We just recieved two beautiful new wooden paddles from a local kinky woodworker and I know they are thirsty to be broken in across my tender flesh. I am ready to be marked but so afraid for my feet! I know how much my Owner likes to torment them and there are deffinately plenty of devious things at his disposal in my room. How long will he leave me stretched out here on the floor? Is this little thing going to spend the night locked down where it belongs on the ground? I can’t get lost in my thoughts for long when my body can’t help but arch upward as deep vibrations flood my senses. My holes are filled and dripping already as my Owner tests the remote plug deep in my ass and simultaniously activates the toy in my pussy. Over and over again my feet are tormented as my Owner takes suggestions and requests from the chat. I have no idea what people are saying, no idea what is coming. It’s not long before my brain is drifting off, giving way to the pain and pleasure consuming me. Every sensation is like lightning searing through me that I am his canvas, his splayed out little object, owned completely.

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