Maso Ass Expressions   Abigail Dupree   SensualPain 07.31.19 m - Maso Ass Expressions - Abigail Dupree - SensualPain 07.31.19

AES Therapy
A real ‘behind’ the scenes look of a BDSM session with a trained masochist sex slave in use. This is a video documentation of filming just the female ass while the slave is hoisted yet tethered to the floor in a restrictive chain device and shackles, struck with pipe, smacked with leather swatter, asshole fitted with a gross inflatable non-human object of taboo. In turn the pussy is next filled with another type of inflatable bulb then galley whipped on back, ass and legs, flogged and ass slapped, punched in the ass, vibrated for pussy pleasure then unbearably tickled. All just showing that ass, there within reaching distance for you to enjoy.
AES Therapy- Ass Expressions Session is an amazingly effective therapy technology that stimulates the mind and in turn the body. An assuage for better living. These recorded sessions (when applied as directed) alleviates aches, chronic pains, depression and hyper tension. Promotes happiness, well being and even educates for better marriages. Can be a key element in achieving life goals such as becoming a fireman, astronaut and possibly even the presidency.
These sessions on video can be watched privately for personal relief or in groups for better discussions and social engagements with others. Yes the AES Therapy is easy to use, but can be an addictive tool that is not recommended for the under age, frail of heart or septic. AES Therapy can be self prescribed, privately purchased and cannot ever possibly be under the FDA regulatory system.

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Maso Ass Expressions   Abigail Dupree   SensualPain 07.31.19.t m - Maso Ass Expressions - Abigail Dupree - SensualPain 07.31.19


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