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Jojo’s dad is kind of a big deal. He runs a very large multinational corporation with ties to governments all across the world. The contracts his company receives are worth BILLIONS of dollars. He is privy to very sophisticated, very VALUABLE military secrets, secrets that could shift the world order as we know it! It can be…problematic…being close to Jojo’s dad…
Jojo tries to remain an innocent schoolgirl, keeping up with the latest songs, gossiping with her friends about boys, and updating her social media. But it can be hard when she has to travel all around the world, sometimes at the last minute, because of her dad’s job. It’s like the weight of the world is on her face.
It seems like every other day there’s some new threat out there.Today is no different. Her dad ‘s trying to explain the situation to her; she’s got to move, undisclosed location, blah blah blah. She’s heard it all before. She’s been through it before. Jojo just wants to get it over with. She knows she’ll be fine. She always is.
One thing is strange tho. It’s taking security a lot longer than usual to get on the move. And its just one guy. A flash of panic goes through Jojo’s mind. She doesn’t think she’s even seen this guy before. AND he’s wearing a mask. Maybe her dad upgraded? Jojo laughs to herself, brushing the thought aside. Nothing’s happened before and nothing is going to go down now. The guy looks mean but he hasn’t given her any reason to think that he would hurt her…..
Quite the opposite! He even offers her some candy! Jojo feels bad about thinking he was suspicious. None of her other guards have given her any candy! “I’m going to make sure my dad…my dad…give…” Jojo’s thoughts trail off. Her mind struggles to focus. Her eyes flash in and out of darkness. “What…is…happening…” Jojo trails off as she falls to the couch. The security officer looks at her grimly, checks his watch…and then pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Everything is going according to plan. Time for Phase 2.

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Jojo Kiss   BLACK ASS & BBC Interrogation For Jojo!.t m - Jojo Kiss - BLACK ASS & BBC Interrogation For Jojo DickDrainers


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