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Thank you to everyone who spent my birthday with me! I had a wonderful time being with everyone on camera, it’s all this thing asked for this year. It is such an honor to get to spend the beginning of a new year in my spot as a pleasure object on display, thank you all for allowing me the privilege. Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to please those above me. I have been guilty of being too passive, too submissive….but in hindsight it wasn’t really that at all. It was only that I did not yet have an appropriate outlet for my needs and desires. Submission is a journey, and one that is never ending. I am a whole thing in this place, this position. It was so much fun to be allowed to type and chat to everyone throughout the day, even more humbling to spend so much time gagged and reduced to unintelligible sounds. Thank you for all the attention, all the shocks, and especially all the vibrations in my ass and my drippy pussy! I felt like a spoiled thing for sure, although I think I missed out on some spankings 🙂 hehe. Here’s to that for next year!
I have been practicing deep throating a couple of my toys, one I use to practice depth and the other is more for technique. My Owner allowed me my toy for depth today on camera and let me show off a little of what I have been learning. I love doing that in front of everyone, it turns me on so much. I am going to start posting my training videos intermittently for you to be able to review my progress. I want to become a good little pleasure object in every capacity. I had a little trouble with my toy today, but I am getting better. I should have waited to lap up my water afterwards! I’ve been working on getting used to the feeling of it sliding in and out of my throat at depth, once I get comfortable with that I will begin to work on long holds when I am deep down at the base. I can’t believe how far that dildo goes into my throat already! It’s awesome!

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