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In this video JG-Leathers works through the process of fitting Greyhound into his Pony Harnesses, in preparation for a day in public at the 2017 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. The fitting of a Pony Harness is quite involved, including the custom pony boots and a plethora of leather straps and buckles. Greyhound is completely naked during this pleasurable ordeal, and lends herself without hesitation to the adjustments and insertions. The popularity of JG’s harness stems not only from its fit, but from the internal dildo and ‘Inhibitor Bar’ which is an integral part to the control of the pony.
During the fitting, we experience JG’s deep and commanding voice and see the pleasure on Greyhound’s face as the harness surrounds and restricts her lovely body. The sound of the creaking leather and metal hardware clearly adds to her experience. The closeup shots of JG lacing up the poly boots on Greyhound’s legs is out of this world, and a boot fetishist’s dream come true! Greyhound is indeed a lucky girl, and so are we for watching this intimate process unfold.

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