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I am begging to be allowed to piss in my dish and in anguish over the further pain I know it will bring. My Owner frees this thing’s hands and has me kneel over my dog bowl. The fluid running out of me as I pee spreads the balm and the liquid incredibly intensifies the burning sensations. My owner then locks my wrists to my biceps with a pair of cuffs for each arm then finishes it off by cuffing my thumbs in the middle of my back. I am starting to space out, falling into my happy place. I am laughing, almost crying. giggling from pain. Drunk on it. The pain in my nipples as they are clamped hardly registers i am drifting so far already from the balm. People begin to activate my vibes again, in my ass and deep in my pussy and it makes me tremble and squirm. the sensations are deep and intense alongside the pain in my clit. My Owner can tell and decides to up this thing’s suffering by pressing a vibrator into it’s clit, pressing the balm back into me and exploding pain back through my nerves. I can hardly stand being vibrated like this, it’s too intense, too sensitive, too swollen….it is none of those things to my Owner as he vibrates me and penetrates me with a big rubber dildo. He is relentless as my clit and nipples are on fire. He forces me through the pain until I am twisting in pleasure, pleading for the privilage of an orgasm. My Owner humors me, and then some. This thing can;t contain herself, can’t stop cumming. Can’t stop any of it…

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Fire in the Cage 02.16.17 Live Cam.t m - Fire in the Cage 02.16.17 Live Cam - Rachel Greyhound - Bondagelife


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