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I’m ur teacher and u’re meeting me after class because U failed ur exam on the human vagina. U’re confused, and textbooks never help, so U ask me to give u examples in person, since it’s the only way U can learn. I start showing u my pussy and playing with it and my tits, explaining what girls like and talking about my vagina (I have a butt plug in, and I act embarrassed abt it, and explain that it helps make my days more exciting). I start playing with a toy, and I ask to go to the bathroom first. U think it’s just pee, not a big deal, but then I clarify that it’s poop. U don’t believe me because U believe that girls don’t poop.
Seing u’re excited by how much I get to teach u today, I decide to give u a new lesson about how much girls really can poop. Keeping my clothes on,I first poop on my back with my ass in the air, letting it slide down my pussy, across my skirt and onto my chest. I then smear it all over myself, covering as much as possible.
Then I start fingering my ass, talking about how asses are great for pooping and fucking. Then I take a toy and gag on it before putting it up my ass as well.
In the end, I talk about how glad I am that U came to me for extra help, and that I hope that u know everything u need to know now. I finish it out mentioning how I need to sneak out of the school covered in shit to clean myself off, and that I’ll see u in class tomorrow.
BONUS: I also think it’s really hot when I just talk casually (out of character) to the camera. Im basically talking to u about how excited I am to make the video for u and about how I’m holding my shit in. It’s just a sort of personalized intro. And then I also do a similar outro with shit all over me, talking about what a mess it is all over here but I was happy to make it for u.

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