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Today this thing spent all morning tethered in it’s room. My wrists are tightly cuffed to my thighs, keeping me on all fours where i belong. This thing is dressed in it’s steel boned lambskin corset – the lacing pulled tight to steal my breath. Panting lightly I flex and stretch as much as possible on the ground, in the silver handcuffs, with ballet heels laced onto my pointed, imprisoned feet.
This is how I am presented to everyone. I love the opportunitunity to chat, it’s so exciting to speak with everyone.
I am eager to answer questions about my life. It feels good to be my Owner’s object on display. I am required to bend and submit to the cane across my ass, bright red marks streaking my skin, highlighting my plugged little bottom. The SMACK of the cane smarts and makes me yelp, I can’t help but react and my Owner enjoys my pathetic little squeals. My knees are starting to ache from the bite of the metal, I can feel it in my thighs and it’s hard to balance my weight. This thing’s dish is a welcome sight, i am eager for the food in my bowl. Excited for my Owner’s hands as he places my meal on the ground. I can hardly contain myself as he gives me premission to eat…and this thing is a good girl licking her bowl clean to the bottom, lapping up every last bit. Straining for the last bit I reach and pick up my bowl to show my Owner i’ve swallowed every drop. This thing is so grateful for it’s food, so happy to be fed something tasty and warm before getting to rest in it’s dog bed tethered on the floor in my room.

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