0017 QS Catprod m - Catprod - Queensnake, Nazryana, electro, candles, burning

Queensnake puts clothespins on Nazryana’s breasts and ties them above in order to make Nazry’s wriggling cause them to be ripped off from her tits. Her idea to induce wriggling is using a cattle prod over and over on Nazry’s naked body. She succeeds of course, all the clips get torn off. The clips get put on Nazry’s pussylips and are tied to her feet. Queensnake is particularly cruel in these scenes as she keeps laughing on the crying Nazry’s funniest squirming.
Queensnake sticks candles on Nazry’s ass using adhesive tapes so they hopefully stays on to witness some extreme severe cattle prodding. Most of them cannot stand the rodeo for too long, one of them ends up getting pushed onto Nazry’s pussy, being extinguished.
Finally Queensnake surprises her hot slavegirl with a special icedildo spiced with extra hot chili. Prodding continues mainly on Nazry’s belly, and Queensnake tries on her new Transparent Vampire Flip-flop to trample on Nazry. Queensnake then reaches her orgasm and squirts all over Nazryana who is then also forced to cum into a happy ending.

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0017 QS Catprod.t m - Catprod - Queensnake, Nazryana, electro, candles, burning


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