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After some long hard months at work, Bobbi is FINALLY taking that well deserved vacation….and it has been a BLAST!
Bobbi got a great deal on her hotel as well. It’s almost perfect. It’s close to all the shops and attractions. Plus the restaurants around the hotel ALWAYS have great food to eat!
The only odd thing about the hotel is the night manager. He’s just a little…odd. He’s always watching Bobbi and she’s seen him outside her room a little too often for it to be coincidental. But I guess that’s a small price to pay for all of this right?
Bobbi tries to ignore him after another long night of shopping. Once she gets in her bed, it’ll be that much easier. Who knew that shopping could be so exhausting?
As she undresses…Bobbi has no idea that the night manager is watching her…watching her via the hidden cameras he has set up in her room. He’s been watching her since she arrived…looking at her lips….imagining his THICK BLACK COCK in between them…stretching out her throat…hitting that sweet spot…
As Bobbi lays down to sleep, the manager flicks a hidden switch…and potent, undetectable fumes start to pump into Bobbi’s room…a concoction of the manager’s own invention…a concoction to induce Bobbi to desire…to crave A BIG BLACK DICK IN HER MOUTH. Blissfully unaware, Bobbi breathes it in…it courses through her, changing her, sapping her willpower…making her ready to OBEY. The night manager smiles, closes his laptop and heads to her room…

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