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I’m excited to see you made it–I bet you’re excited, too! I have quite a reputation for being a great cook… normally people pay for the pleasure of having me cater to them, and here you are, a special guest in my home. But that’s not all… I also have a reputation for “entertaining” my guests 😉 Would you mind if we kinked up the evening? I undress… revealing red hot lingerie underneath…Ooh, you’re a vanilla type of guy, huh? Well then, this night is certain to be special 😉
Why don’t we try a “kink lottery”? I explain the rules of the game… and flip a coin. Looks like you win! 😉 This means you get to draw a piece of paper from the bowl, and do the kinky act on it for me.. Now reach in and let me read it……Oh, I can’t help the grin spreading all over my face right now. I hope you’re a man of your word… oh, are you? Alright, then I’ll hold you to that. Why don’t you… leave for a moment, while I prepare your dinner? 😉
You come back later, and I place a plate and fork in front of you. Oh, you’re confused? Why don’t I tell you what task you picked out… “Full Toilet Slavery”…. Shocked? No, you don’t have to drink my pee. Then you would be a normal toilet slave, but you are a full toilet slave. So, if I have to go No. 2, guess who has to swallow it? Haha, now now, be a good sport, you lost that bet fair and square… Now, I’ve got some good news and bad news: The kinklottery only lasts for an hour, so…. what are the chances that I’ll even have to go to the bathroom during that time? 🙂 Relieved? Good! So here’s the bad news… heehee… you shouldn’t have taken me to this nice Thai place with the all-you-can-eat-buffet yesterday. Dinner is ready! 😉

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