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I am connected to the floor in more ways than one. I belong here, I feel at home with my body aligned with my Owner’s feet. I belong beneath him, beneath everyone. How fitting it is that I am locked spread and prostrate on the ground, displayed and waiting for appropriate use. I have not had the opportunity to spend the night like this, I think I could with some minor padding for my knees. It turns me on to think about being kept long term chained to the ground with only a small matt and my dish like today. I would be so anxious for my owner, I already am. I can feel my pussy starting to drip, I am excited from both my anticipation and fear. Slowly the pain builds in my legs, I crave being pushed so hard that I can’t walk afterwards, my only strength left used to crawl to my Owner in thankful, worshipful bliss.

The electricity is hard today, I am never in the mood for the cattle prod on my feet so it is a good thing my feelings are irrelevant. I am afraid of contracting my knees involuntarily as I am already in pain from being pressed into the unforgiving hard surface I am spread out upon. My Owner is relentless as shocks spread through me like wildfire through my toes, my feet, my thighs, my ass and across my tender drippy, pathetic pussy. This is only a prelude, something akin to being warmed up at a boil. I am ready to overflow in his hands. Ready for him to reduce me down and break me into the creature he desires. I am insatiable today as my pussy is wired and electrified. It deserves to be punished for everyone’s pleasure. My pussy should not be used to gratify me, only my Superiors. I am humiliated by this and it only serves to make me even wetter and more conductive internally. I am self punishing with my own excitement. I can barely contain myself. The flogger is like a kiss against my skin as tearful cries escape my lips. Again and again I revel in the sensations it leaves across my back and my body. I long to feel it making my pussy red and sore, flicking heavily across my clit and making me cry out in pain and supplication. I hope my cries please you today. I am gratful when my legs are lifted and spread, the relief to my knees is welcome. I love the moment I can barely flex them, this is truly my element.

Water is wonderful from my dish. I am so thankful to be given a drink on the ground like an animal. I drink quickly and deeply as everyone watches, humbly dipping my face before my Owner, the people over assisting us shooting, and everyone on the other side of the camera. It is obvious I am not a free thing. I crave being treated like the pet I am. It drives me so suffer for you and crave being put through my paces when you each allow me to continue to exist in this abject role. I am so thankful for the opportunity to bear your marks all over my skin. To endure as you enjoy. I was built for this and growing every day into the creature my Owner is designing me to be.

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