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You thought you hit the jackpot. A trip to Great Britain, and you meet the woman of your dreams. A beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed Scottish Princess. She’s perfect in every way. And lucky you…she agrees to be your wife! You bring her back to The States with you, and all is perfect at first. But then…things start to change.
She starts pushing away from you. She avoids having sex with you. And when she does….she’s so disinterested. She’s spends a lot of time away from home. She’s distant. Something’s wrong.
And when you get home…you find out what. There’s a strange car in the driveway. And when you get inside…you find your wife wearing some very sexy lingerie. Your heart skips a beat. Maybe she is coming around? Maybe things will go back to normal? But then she says, “This isn’t for you.” And your heart breaks. “I thought you were going to be my king.” She says as she teases you with her ass. “But you’re just a pathetic, small, tiny cocked little boy.” A red flush of embarrassment crosses your face. “If I had known your cock was so small, I would never….EVER…have married you.” “I need a real man. Someone you can never measure up to. A big…strong…BLACK MAN. A [email protected]@ER.”
You’re shocked. How could she? How could she betray you? And with…with a black man??? As a million thoughts rush through your head, you see something stir out of the corner of your eyes…and a dangerous black man walks into the room. You instinctively shrink back, as he hops on the bed with your wife and starts playing with her ass! “We don’t have many [email protected]@ers in Scotland. I just love them. Their dicks are so much bigger than yours, little boy. Now you’re going to pull out your pathetic, little white dick and watch this [email protected]@er destroy my face! I’m gonna do things to this [email protected]@er that I’ve NEVER done for you!”
You’re shocked…hurt…embarrassed…angry…but as she pulls down his pants, exposing his glistening ebony body…you feel a stirring in your loins…you don’t want to….but you like it. You want to watch. Watch as this thug manhandles your wife until he can’t take it anymore….

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Amber Deen   Eat That Black SHITHOLE.t m - Amber Deen - Eat That Black SHITHOLE!!!!  - DickDrainers


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