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Sometimes things don’t go as you’d expect. Life has this way of always being an adventure if you let it. Submission has many forms, some still and quiet, others full of suffering and screaming, and then there are the moments we often forget about, the ones full of laughter, exploration, fresh experiences and smiles. Submission is a journey, it is all of these things and more. Everything in my journey is a break from a general sense of “normality”, I revel in the opportunity to do something different if it pleases those above me.
There is something sacred for me in offering up my body for another’s pleasure, for everyone’s pleasure. I will always strive to give my whole self, regardless of what is required of me. I will respond in kind to the people around me, and only ever in a positive sense fitting my status as a service object. Everyone who is in contact with me should leave with a smile, if I am accomplishing that, I am well on my way to becoming a good pet. Submission is finding the balance within myself no matter the circumstances around me so that I may always embody all of my Owner’s desires.
My purpose is to follow, not to lead. To offer up my body for the taking to anyone my Owner deems appropriate and in whatever ways they will have this thing. I am such a hungry thing. Hungry to serve, to please. To hear my Superior say “good girl”. I am lucky when I can see a bounce in their step, when I know this subservient little thing has taken some darkness from their day.
This thing is meant to serve all kinds of new, exciting, unexpected ways.

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