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Sometimes $20 gets you more than what you bargained for and you need to know how to negotiate under pressure. In this case, Abigail Dupree is a well known sex slave that has been around the block a few times, and is always looking out to make a buck (as instructed from her Master back home). This time it looks like she got more than what she bargained for when this Master of some kind of weird cult group called BDS&M???… auditions her to be a stripper at his club. She meets him at the pre-arranged place that looks like some European torture place that you see in Brussels or Antwerp Germany with whips and chains in a dusty low lit club. The Master tells her that the starting pay is $15. Miss Dupree almost walks out but cannot because she is cuffed to the wall as the Master auditions her in different perverted ways. (This video has extras, an end interview with Abigail Dupree of how she felt about this session). A trope of the harlot, the false dichotomy of The want to vs The have to. The whore looking for work other than to sale her body for money but finds out that this job has her doing exactly that. This Bimbo will never be anything more, than a tool to sexually please others.
$20 Bimbo is not just a depiction about being taken advantage of as a sex worker, but the ideology behind the way an astonishingly large amount of people try to make a living doing the things that they really do not want to do but stuck in a realism that cannot be shaken from the everyday life of the underachiever.

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